Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Post ... At Last !!!!

I cant believe another month has shot past. Been busy with work, helping out with an Anxiety Conference and trying to keep the home fires burning. Anyway, we didnt get chance to shoot any video but here are a few photos that we took in and around Tarifa while we were there in early Nov 2006. Enjoy, David.

Thats me (above) landboarding on Los lances Beach, Tarifa. And Jan (right) doing her 'Pet Rescue' on the newly refurbished promonade infront of our studio (Los Lances, Tarifa).

And we replaced the old panelling with some nice fencing on our terrace (above) - IT BLEW AWAY IN THE FORCE 7 LEVEANTE!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Google Video Search

Been playing around with with Google's new Video content using the AJAX API search code that I found via the rather clever site. Fortunately, I found the much more easy to follow, step by step guide on:

It is very clever stuff but the random amatuer video clips can be a bit sad. I have tried to find something that will give you a feel for what Tarifa and Costa de la Luz is like plus some other searches that show how the embedded video search & play works.

We plan to make our own video clips up as soon as we get back out to Tarifa at the end of October - in the meantime you will have to make do with the lucky dips into the Google video frog spawn. Makes you realise how the Internet repesents such a cross section of tastes and sometimes questionable decency (at least Google seems to keep any hard core stuff off their site).

I found some really amazing Parkour clips - I have always admired these 'urban guerilla gymnasts' but I have only ever seen them once in real life in Birmingham around the town square civic fountains.

I will also be adding our Tarifa picture gallery soon to let you see what a beautiful and unspoilt part of Spain this is - how lucky we are to be able to get to stay their four or five times a year.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello World from Tarifa Studios

Well having used the Internet since BEFORE the web was created ... I have finally got down to blogging.

I have managed to resist this whole new Web 2.0 social software trend for a while now (mostly due to living in Leicester and working in London and so never having time to play with the new stuff) but I guess I just had to try it for myself....

Plus we also needed somewhere cheap and easy to put the 100's of beautiful photos of Tarifa, Souther Spain that my art teacher wife (Jan) has taken over the past few years since we bought out 'room to relax' right on the beach in Tarifa. We have our own web site ( but we haven't yet got a photo gallery.

Anyway, no idea who I might be writing this for but at least we can say we have now got a blog!!!

Will be back soon with piccies and some stuff about the amazing mix of lifestyles and cultures that hit us whenever we get time to relax in our little studio on the beach in Tarifa.

Regards fellow bloggers,

David and Jan