Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter Blues Beckon

Been meaning to put a couple of pictures on from our October visit ... looking at them just heightens the sense of impending winter blues, as the temperature drops and the snow falls in the UK.  Anyway, Tarifa is always an inspiration and has plenty of weather of its own to keep the mind and body fresh.  Can't wait to be back in our little 'place in the sun'.

Hope to see you out here soon .... 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Relaxing Summer as our 'Little Blue Wonder' finally arrives

Had a very chilled three weeks in Tarifa - once again the weather was very unpredictable but we had plenty of sunshine and it was windy most days (even a bit of Poniente to cool things down a bit). There were definitely fewer people visiting this summer (mostly Spanish on short breaks) and we were told by many owners that there was a lot less money being spent in the bars and shops.

Fortunately, we got our lovely new toy to keep us busy having fun. Our little blue wonder, aka 'Maite', the Piaggio Ape Calessino 3 wheel moto carro. Lots of people smiled, some laughed and others just played it cool - but wherever she went, the little blue wonder was certainly noticed and such great fun to drive around in (despite a few teething troubles like rubbing brake shoes).

Jan took loads of great pictures, as usual ... so here are a few (there are more on our ' TarifaStudios' FaceBook Fan Page if you are interested - just use the link below on the right hand side panel).

Hope to see you out there soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is just around the corner

Had a great time out in Tarifa - only a week but full of so many different wonderful things. Like glorious sun, street art (Banksy beware), sea fog like we have never seen in 6 years ... oh, and shoes, lots of shoes and bags and jewelry and ... !!!

Also, saw some intersting sights - like Guzman getting the bird and a new arrival on the beach, oh, and Barack Obama dropped in to say 'Hola', only kidding but there were some very impressive Arfican Art images in the open air exhibition on the Alameda by the port:

Finally, some fun was had and a new toy was taking for a test drive - once I could find the beach!!!

I got chance to test my latest Naish Helix kite on the crystal clear water, which was great - if only I was quite as good as the professionals in this Naish Helix video!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Unexpected Solo Break

Had to use up my remaining leave before the end of March, so I got a special pass from 'her indoors' for a few days out in the studio on my own. The weather must have been pretty wild ever since Xmas, as there was an extra couple of metres of sand on the beach front that had buried all the wooden walkways out over the beach. I also saw rocks in the surf up near the island that haven't been exposed for at least 6 years:

Anyway, it was pretty good weather (after an inital cloudy start) and I managed to buy that kite buggy that I have been thinking about for a while now. It was fun skimming along the empty beach in front of the Stadio de Futbol in a gusty Force 6 off shore - wondering 'How the heck do I stop this thing'!
There wasn't really any kiting (unless you drove right down to Canos de Meca) - it was either dead calm, rainy or blowing a hooly direct off shore. But this is Tarifa, so there is always someone willing to have a go. These two kitesurfers on matching 12 mtr Core kites actually had a real blast down by the mouth of the Rio Jara - despite it being a rather damp, overcast Sunday, with a 'muy floco' offshore wind:

Whatever the weather in this beautifully wild place, there is always something to watch - like the amazing wind sculptures, stunning birdlife or this guy flashing his not so white bits on a warm Monday afternoon down at the Arte Vida beach (maybe he had lost his socks and vest):

Cant wait to get back out and onto the water ... soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Even in the Winter - Life's a Beach Somewhere !!!

Just a few piccies that we took when last out in our little place in the sun ...

Can't wait to be back out there and catch up with the sun again ...