Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Romance Blossoms in Tarifa - OCT09

It all started last summer - when a certain stowaway realised there was more to Tarifa life than just surfing ... hard to believe I know!!! He noticed others had friends to share their fun. And so he looked high and low in the old town, in the discos and on the many beautiful beaches until one day he spotted a vision of blonde loveliness approaching in the distance:

He eyed her up sideways and realised she was a real catch, so he tried to discretely get her attention and impress her with his balancing skills. Unfortunately, he passed out from all the blood rushing to his head but when he came round - there she was, at his side helping him up to his feet with a big smile:

They talked, went for long walks, messed about in the sand dunes, played on the kids swings and got to know each other really well ... soon, there were inseparable:

Then one special night, he asked her round for a drink on the spacious terrace of his designer studio on Los Lances Beach (La Tortuga I, of course!). Things were going so well that he decided to ask her if she would like to stay the night ...

At that point, she blushed a little as they realised they were still being photgraphed and asked the film crew, production manager and makeup team to leave them...

So we still don't know what happened that night or whether they will be seeing each other again. Let's hope we spot them in Tarifa again soon ... maybe we might see them in one of the many Tarifa bars, cruising the Paseo Maritimo, cycling around the port or maybe celebrating Navidad in San Mateo church!!!

Whatever happened, lets hope they at least got to kiss each other goodbye!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunshine, Sunsets, Motors, Feria and Horses Everywhere!

Just a few images from our belated summer break. Jan did lots of cycling and physio to get used to her new knee and I did a bit of kiting to see what badly bruised ribs feel like - that laguna is fun but just a tad too shallow in places!!!
Enjoy the snaps and hope to see you out there and on the water again soon.

... and sadly we came home to one less cat:
Domino (RIP 12SEP09) - you were always a 'free spirit', we miss you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Months Fly By ... So Do The Birds !!!!

Once again, the seasons have changed and we have been able to get out to our beloved Tarifa. The town was fairly quiet this Spring and the weather rather fickle. We had everything from nice steady on shore Poniente winds, right up to 'sandburn on the back of your legs' monster off shore Levante winds and a few calm days in between for Jan to work on her tan!

Still, we got about a bit and had a really chilled time and I even got out on the water just to prove I can still kite! I also had the privilege of launching (and landing) one of the Tarifean airforce down at Valdevaqueros/Las Dunas - he was one of only two kites out in a Force 8 off shore on a tiny 5mtr kite. Balls of steel, brain of rock!!!!

We also saw a amazing early morning gathering of massive birds of prey in the hills on the way to Bolonia. We stopped and watched for 20 minutes as each waited for the right moment to spread out 6 feet of beautifil brown wings to lift up effortlessly - right in front of us, so close we felt we had to duck down as they cleared the ridge and headed up into the early breeze!

Anyway, must dash - here are a few piccies - Jan wasn't as mobile as usual (her repalcement knee operation was looming), but she got some great shots from close range - including a kitchen sink literally 'in transit'. Enjoy ...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Winter's Tale - Fun in the Sun

Just a few short words and a couple of piccies to remind us of Tarifa. The weather gods were kind to us this winter and although there was rather a lot of strong offshore Levante wind, we had plenty of fun bike rides and a wonderful Christmas brunch on the beach. I also got an awesome kitsurfing session in a light onshore Poniente wind with a great swell on a surprisingly warm Boxing Day, right in front of the studio.

Cant wait to get back out there as soon as possible ...