Friday, August 22, 2008

The Time Goes By So Quickly ...

Can't believe that we have been back out to Tarifa a couple of times already and September has come round again!!! Thought we would drop a few nice piccies from our last trip onto the blog to keep it current.

I used my brand new Naish Helix 14mtr loads of times, which worked really well in the very variable conditions we got and my Naish Shockwave 9mtr in the stronger stuff. Set up with the new Naish Smart Loop bar and lines, I felt really comfortable and in control. Sadly, a novice kitesurfer had drowned the week before whilst under instruction, which reminded us all that safety is so important in this extreme but awesome sport.

Jan smuggled in a kidnap victim from her school canteen and he looks like he had a wild time.

We also met a whole bunch of lovely people - of various ages and had lots of relaxed fun. We even did a bit of dancing outside the new improved Serengeti beach bar just next to La Tortuga I on Los Lances Beach.

Jan took some really great pictures - you can see lots more of them on our TarifaStudios Facebook site.

UK seems very cold and dark now - cant wait to get back out in October.