Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mad Mud Mix, Kites & Madeleine

GLASTONBURY - It seems like everyone (including our lovely niece and all her gang of friends) has gone to Glastonbury Festival this week end (22-24JUN) - except us, much to Jan's disappointment (I just couldn't face the crazy crowds, camping rough with 140,000 hippies plus the 3 day long queues for the toilets !!!) ...

... and as predicted, the torrential rain has arrived (as its seems to do each time the festival is on) so the price of wellie boots has gone through the roof and the mud is getting deeper. We still wished we were there to see the amazing line up of bands and all the side shows - but we had to make do with watching it on BBC TV or seeing the sheer size of the event on one of the festival web cams.

KITESURF COMMERCIAL - I managed to get two of my Naish kites, that I brought back from Tarifa last time, photographed and onto eBay. Already had some a couple of bids - so I am hoping to sell them both (X2 10mtr and X3 20mtr):

TARIFA CALLS - Once again, we can't wait to be back out in Tarifa. I kited just about everyday last time and we biked a lot. Jan didn't take quite as many piccies but enough to remind us what a great place it is to be at any time of the year - but especially in La Prima Vera (Spring to us Brits):

MADELEINE McCANN - We have all been touched by the awful abduction of this lovely little child (who comes from close to where we work and live in the UK), from Praia da Luz - the Portuguese holiday resort where Madeleine was taken on 03MAY07 during a family vacation. Her posters were up on the port building entrance in Tarifa (as well as in Gibraltar airport). We are all praying that she might still be found and her parents can start to try to put their lives back together ... somehow.