Sunday, March 25, 2007

Missing Tarifa Life

Well its Spring here in the UK already and after a few warm days, lots of rain and even some snow showers, winter is drawing to a close (we hope!!!) and finally our clocks have gone forward. We are really missing our walks along the beach, mountain biking up the brand new promenade to the port and watching those amazing sunsets:

Sadly, we wont be there for Semana Santa (Easter Week) this year - so we will miss watching all those dedicated locals paying respect to their devout faith by carrying barefoot, those huge decorated icons of Jesus and Mary along the narrow streets of the old town for hours each night. We will also miss those 'cute' little window displays:

Anyway, at least we will get there for a week at the end of May and we will be back out out for a month in August.

Meantime, I can at least keep an eye on the local kitesurfing talent via the web cam from Karmasurfer (clever pun, or what?) which I recently added to our TarifaStudios web site. It is half way down Los Lances beach (near Canos II apartments) and gives an excellent snapshot view across the beach down towards Las Dunas ( with 10sec refresh):

So if you are out there in the next couple of months - remember to give us a wave as you pull off that perfect handle pass!!!

Enjoy, David & Jan