Saturday, December 01, 2007

Long Time No Post

Well, what can I say ... its just been far too long since I posted anything!!! We had a truely wonderful time in Tarifa back in October and Jan took some great pictures - a selected few are shown below for your entertainment and delight!

La Tortuga I finally got its long awaited new coat of paint - it was a bit orange at first but we soon got used to the glow and it does look a lot better now the whole building has been done. The new developments a few streets behind us continue to take shape and are look pretty posh. Also, there seemed to be chiringitos on the beach until later this year compared to previous seasons (the Soul Bar was still going strong when we left) ... I guess we can call it all progress. Ironically, Tarifa was in fact very quite - even for that time of year.

Apparently, there had been torential rain the day before we arrived and there was a flood so Cheno, our diligent gardner / handyman had to rescue the lawn ... Its all looking pretty tidy now though:

We will be back out soon to enjoy the clean winter air and so that I can rub the rust off my bones and get out kiting again - on land and on sea!!! A neighbour in La Tortuga let slip that he had a kite buggy that he hadn't been out on for a couple of years (due to young family growing up) - so maybe I can convince him to let me have a shot. its about the only kite related toy that I havn't yet got!!!
Hope to see you there ... soon.

David & Jan

P.S. We have started up a Tarifa Studios Facebook ( - mostly to see what all the fuss is about. Do send us an invite if you want us to be 'friends' ...