Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter in Sunny Tarifa

We really can't believe that it is January 2007 already ...

Most people seem to post blogs every nano second and I have managed to get up to 4 postings in five months - ouch!! Maybe I am just really busy ... the truth is I don't have that much to say - I just wanted to have somewhere to put a few of our Tarifa photos and some useful links about Tarifa, the Andalucia area and kite surfing.

So here is a few samples of what Tarifa was looking like recently. These two intrepid divers (at Torre de la Pena I) seemed extremely delighted with their speared fish - as a veggie, I cant see the fun but they even took pictures of the harpoon gun!!! Try clicking on the picture to see the proud expression on the guys face.

After just two initial days of torrential rain, the weather stayed very warm, dry and windy most of the 2 weeks we were there ... Town was very quite but livened up around New Year. I did a bit of kiting and some great landboarding.

We were out for the whole of Xmas and New Year and I managed to get a few video clips of the locals kite surfing on Jan's new mobile - its not great quality and I haven't added any music. The clips were taken from the same spot as these pictures which we took the next day when the wind had really blown up - its just up from the port on the dead end causeway out to the military island.
I just wanted to get a feel for how this whole Google Video works. It seems to have made it onto my auto listing on the left of the blog. Here is the actual URL if you want to see it now:

We also had fun on our newly acquired budget mountain bikes doing daily runs up the spanking new promenade (Paseo Maritimo) which now links right up from TarifaStudios up to the island and into the port / old own. They have also put a wooden walk way that runs out towards the Rio Jara which is open to push bikes (despite the protestations of some of the older locals!!!)

And I have just bought a new Naish 9mtr Shockwave bow kite (via - great prices and delivered from Germany to UK in perfect condition in under 3 days) - so I cant wait to get back out to Tarifa to find out if it kites as good as it looks.

Do let us know if you have any ideas or questions about Tarifa. Hope to see you out there soon, David & Jan

Enjoy - David & Jan (JAN07)
P.S. No animal was hurt during the taking of these pictures !!!!

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