Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is just around the corner

Had a great time out in Tarifa - only a week but full of so many different wonderful things. Like glorious sun, street art (Banksy beware), sea fog like we have never seen in 6 years ... oh, and shoes, lots of shoes and bags and jewelry and ... !!!

Also, saw some intersting sights - like Guzman getting the bird and a new arrival on the beach, oh, and Barack Obama dropped in to say 'Hola', only kidding but there were some very impressive Arfican Art images in the open air exhibition on the Alameda by the port:

Finally, some fun was had and a new toy was taking for a test drive - once I could find the beach!!!

I got chance to test my latest Naish Helix kite on the crystal clear water, which was great - if only I was quite as good as the professionals in this Naish Helix video!!!

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